The way you design solar will never be the same. 

How much time, effort, and money go into selling a homeowner on a new solar system—only to have the contract fall apart at the last minute due to a change order? 

What if your design at the initial sale could be just as accurate as your final design?

EagleView created a groundbreaking solution  that bridges the gap between sales-ready and install-ready designs, reducing the risk of change orders that diminish the customer experience and lead to canceled contracts.


Go From Sale to Install at Least 2 Weeks Faster With Better Designs

See how our solar design solution will help you: 

• Save time
• Lower soft costs
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Scale your business

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EagleView Solar 

For the past five years, EagleView has been providing accurate solar data extracted from our high-resolution aerial imagery—automating manual processes, eliminating change orders, and delivering all the roof data and measurements you need to plan your solar projects.

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